TESOL & Spanish Language Institute

A collaboration between Santa Fe Community College and Language Institute for Sustainability and Transformative Education @ Oaxaca

July 1-31, 2016

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Teachers can now earn a TESOL smDSC_5013(Teaching English as a Second Language) Certificate in as few as two semesters through online courses, coupled with professional language and cultural immersion through LISTO (Language Institute for Sustainability and Transformative Education) summer intensive classes in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The new program is a partnership between SFCC and  LISTO.

Are you interested in earning your Bilingual Certificate? Earn 3 credits toward your Bilingual Certificate and participate in the month-long Spanish immersion program to help prepare for La Prueba, the Spanish proficiency test required for earning the Bilingual Certificate. Spanish credits can be earned as well, and a variety of Spanish levels are offered to meet your needs.koat7

LISTO In the News
Here’s a KOAT 7 Video About the Program!

Why Oaxaca?
LISTO for teachers is based in and around Ciudad de Oaxaca, México, in a state with over 500 municipalities and 40 distinct languages in the southern part of Mexico, home to the spicy chocolate mole sauce, dances such as the Guelaguetza, traditional handmade clothes, black pottery and hand-woven rugs.  The people of Oaxaca are proud of their traditions, and still preserve them after 500 years of colonization and modernity.  Near the city of Oaxaca are the ancient ruins of Monte Alban, coffee, banana and agave plantations, and numerous villages known for crafts such as woodworking or pottery.

How to Apply
To register for online classes (EDU 260 and other language courses), contact Assistant Professor, TESOL and bilingual, Bethany Muller, 505-428-1749.

Fill out an application.